Combinatorial Combinatorial Optimization Optimization


From the dictionary in my head:

Meta-Combinatorial Optimization (synonym: Combinatorial Combinatorial Optimization Optimization).

n. To maximize or minimize some quantity of combinatorial optimization problems while respecting certain constraints.

“After completing her PhD dissertation, `Planar Mouse Derangements,` Bella had to decide how to split the chapters of her thesis in to as many separate papers as possible, while ensuring that each was at least 10 pages long. By using combinatorial combinatorial optimization optimization she determined she could get seventeen.”
“`Aha!` said Dr. Frink. `My meta-combinatorial optimization has paid off, showing that I only need two questions on the Math 101 final: one on directed hypergraph enumeration and one on linear cycloid tree matching-patchings.`”


One Response to “Combinatorial Combinatorial Optimization Optimization”

  1. i don’t think dr. frink is *really* teaching math 101. at least, not in the undergrad universe i lived in…

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