Short Problem


I am going to be a lecturer for CO 456, Introduction to Game Theory this fall. I’ve TAed the course twice and have been taking a program in teaching methodology so I am itching to try out some new techniques on the students.

Incidentally, on my fraternity’s mailing list someone sent out a link to a 25-item variant of the rock-paper-scissors game. (I.e., it is rock-paper-scissors-monkey-alien-tree-nuke-etc… and each item beats exactly 12 of the other items). In that spirit, these might be the first problems for my course. (If you don’t feel like doing it with 25 items, just do rock-paper-scissors).

Problem 0. Is there any strategy that will guarantee you always beat your opponent?

Problem 1. What’s a strategy that in the long run will guarantee that you expect to win as much as you lose, no matter what your opponent does? (Hint: flip coins or roll dice)


One Response to “Short Problem”

  1. 1 kats

    I’ve seen that 25-element RPS before, but in a slightly different shape that is easier to grok..

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