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Tasty Trivia


A while ago one of my friends told me that bell peppers (the red, yellow green ones most commonly for sale in Canada) and jalapeno peppers were actually the same species. (So are cayenne, poblano, and pepperoncini!) Today after making some white tea and procrastinating, I also found that the same plants produce white, green, […]

From the Random Cat Photo Archives courtesy of Lauren… two bella lookalikes! The second one, just like Bella, seems to have an affinity for keyboards. Also check out Tinycat:(caution, bad language).

Consider the following network design problem. Schmoogle‘s 100 offices want to be able to stream huge amounts of data to each other (e.g., to broadcast talks to all their offices). In order to do this they need to connect all of their offices with new Phlogiston-net cabling. A single cable can be used to connect […]

Someone let the cat out of the bag! Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat The secret’s out… my website was down for a while and it took me a while to press the right keys on Dave’s keyboard, but it seems that I somehow managed to get the blog working again. Last week was great, I got […]

Five Reasons


One of today’s conference talks was excellent. It was by Alex Schrijver, entitled Graph and Knot Invariants; this was the first time I’ve seen him talk. Top five reasons I liked this talk: 5. Schrijver is best known (I think) for his work in combinatorial optimization (including a 3-book series that spans the whole discipline) […]

From the dictionary in my head: Meta-Combinatorial Optimization (synonym: Combinatorial Combinatorial Optimization Optimization). n. To maximize or minimize some quantity of combinatorial optimization problems while respecting certain constraints. Examples. “After completing her PhD dissertation, `Planar Mouse Derangements,` Bella had to decide how to split the chapters of her thesis in to as many separate papers […]

My department, Combinatorics and Optimization, is hosting a conference this week in honour of its 40th anniversary. So things are about to get a little more nerdy on this blog as I will be mentioning some of the talk details. For today, at least: a picture! (click for big-ass pdf) It’s my contribution for today’s […]