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I went to a Toronto restaurant called fressen for the second time yesterday. If you want to check out a larger supply of photos from the place (6 of them), click here.

It’s a vegan restaurant (this fact is key). The first time was pretty random, my friend Rachel and I went there cause the food looked yummy, but this time I went with my roommate Igor, who is a vegetarian, and some of his friends, a mix of meat-eaters and vegetable-feasters. On the right is some asparagus served on top of quinoa and under some hemp butter (I guess I should have saved some for today.) I am not sure why the asparagus has antenna…

Tempeh Fish

Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat.

Anyway, the restaurant is tapas and a little bit pricey but the food is mad tasty and the presentation is amazing. One sad part (for me) was that I got fish & chips on my previous visit. “Tempeh fish” was one that I had never heard of, but I figured that this place would only serve the best stuff. On this visit however I found out that “Tempeh” (like soy and boca) is a meat substitute. Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that it was delicious (and maybe next time I will sneak in some beef jerky to slip in to my salad).

Other noteworthy foods that I don’t have pictures of include apple-ginger juice, roasted roots, and “rawzanga” (raw vegetables in a lasagna shape).


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