Verizon and MARS


I’ve had billing issues with Verizon for about a year, since I started using their “North America’s Choice” plan in Canada. The calls on my bill have the right starting time and duration, but the wrong number. So for example, a call to my fiancee Lauren will show up as if I had called voicemail (000-000-0086). Because of my billing plan, this affects how much I am charged.

I have called about once a month to get bill credits (which I usually have received) and also complain that the root problem has not been solved. Sometimes I have to convince the customer support rep that I don’t actually make 1-hour long calls to voicemail — which is warranted by the fact that some people don’t know how to use a phone, but also because, apparently, using the “To call this user back, dial XX” feature in Verizon voicemail shows up on your record as if you’re still talking to voicemail.

Anyway, it is usually a struggle to explain my problem, but today I learned something: there is an internal “MARS System” at Verizon where they have a separate log of all the calls. In my case, the MARS records for my phone do not match my bill statement. As usual the customer service rep today seemed pretty chipper about fixing the problem, and he stated that he had never seen anything like this before. I hope he is the last customer service rep to see it!

There’s another Verizon-troubles blog post that mentions MARS in the title (but nowhere else) and in fact there is a whole blog related to Verizon having crappy service. I especially like the following comment:

I work for Verizon and basically we have an internal saying: “If it makes sense, it’s not Verizon…if it doesn’t make sense, it’s Verizon..”


One Response to “Verizon and MARS”

  1. 1 Pete

    I would suggest to stay away from Verizon’s Nationwide + Canada plan. I have had the same problems. I contacted them and they stated that calls in or from Canada are not counted towards your IN minutes. Which makes no sense, because that is exactly what it states in their brochure. As a matter of fact, you only get 1000 in minutes with this plan, precisely because you can call Canada. That is the whole point!!

    My last bill was $460! I analyzed the calls myself and it turns out that we were completely within limits, so it shouldn’t be more than about $100! Fortunately we have a local rep who will adjust the bill, but that doesn’t keep me from getting my blood pressure up to about 190 each time I see one of their crazy bills.

    Stay away, that;s all I can say.

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