Identity Crisis

Fetching Fetching, Part 2
Fetching! Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat.

Maybe I watched too much Ricki Lake while the humans here are at school, but I really sympathize with the people on that show. You ever feel trapped in the wrong body? I sure do.

I try to hide it… but there are some things I do that other cats seem not to. Like chasing my tail. How could I sit here and not chase it? Or fetching, as you can see in these pictures. I don’t know why so many cats are bound by “traditional” roles.

Here’s another picture of me enjoying a good head scratch. Never mind the time I had fleas, being scratched is the bestest. Head, chin, back, belly, it’s all good! Actually forget the belly-scratching that usually leads to dave-bleeding.

You know what I think did this? My owners taking me for “walks”…


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