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Bella must have a great agent. She’s mentioned on Dangerdoom’s “Sofa King.” Listen to a clip or see the whole song. Advertisements



I just netfiled my tax return for the first time. Having to send no paper is very convenient but also a little diminishing. Who knew my entire 2006 financial history is only 943 bytes long?

Bill Cook gave a talk at Waterloo about some of his work on the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). He has worked in the area for something like two decades. Here are some notes and highlights of his talk. One of his main research interests is the solution of TSPs to optimality. It’s worth pointing out […]

Identity Crisis


Fetching! Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. Maybe I watched too much Ricki Lake while the humans here are at school, but I really sympathize with the people on that show. You ever feel trapped in the wrong body? I sure do. I try to hide it… but there are some things I do that other cats […]



Phoenix Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. This is Bella’s cousin Phoenix. He lives in the ghettoes of scarborough where life is rough. In fact, he got a chunk bitten out of his cheek the other day by some unknown assailant. (This is a pre-dechunkification picture) Hopefully this will motivate Bella a little bit more to stay […]

Lion of Censorship Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. After my sincere disappointment with “Cathouse” I have decided that all internet file-sharing is EVIL. Why does Dave look at this stuff? I try my best to prevent him from downloading any of it, as you can see. Dave says I’m just grumpy because I haven’t had access […]