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Am I Scared of Heights? Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. Where’s a fireman when you need one?

Mmm Garbage


Mmm Garbage Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. I can’t really find anything around the house to eat so I’m willing to be your garbage can. Feeeed me your trash!!



…and after having to do the walk of shame back to her litterbox, Bella can hardly keep her eyes open at the office the next day. The moral of her story: No more binge drinking on worknights.

Party Animal


Bella the party animal has had a few too many of those yummy martinis. This little kitty needs to learn the consequences of partying hard into the wee morning hours– you never know who you might wake up next to in the morning… (eek!)

Drinking games


This bar’s kind of run down, but these martinis are the shiznat… 

Bella & FriendsOriginally uploaded by BellaTheCat. Meow! I just found out I have fleas. How embarrassing. I think they came from that alleycat in Toronto I hung out with over break. The worst part is that now my pet Dave has to vacuum the house for all of next weekend. That noise makes my hairs […]



Laying Around Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. Ever since the new year, Bella’s been pretty lazy around the house. Maybe she had too much turkey over Christmas and is trying to digest it, or her New Year’s resolution was to stop running around the house. Although if it is the latter, I think she should add […]