Hanging Around


Hanging Around
Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat.

On the second floor, we have a human-proof railing that you can see through but not walk through. Unfortunately for small furry creatures, they can stick their head and bodies through and drop down the stairs.

So being krafty students that we are, we boarded up the bottom with cardboard to prevent Bella from running and jumping to the first floor.

Of course, being the smart kitty that she is, she quickly learned that from a running start she can jump and get her front paws and head over the cardboard and watch the entertaining activity of humans walking down stairs.

Now being the boring folks that we are (have you ever played The Sims??), we gain happiness points by mocking Bella from the stairs and causing her to reach further and further over to grab our noses. She’s had a couple of times where she’s just hanging around trying ridicuously hard to not fall to the first floor. We never have a camera at the right moment, but here’s another picture of Bella (with a shot of the cardboard in the background).

Now, maybe Jeb will tell y’all about how we’ve been trying to teach Bella that jumping from the 2nd floor is bad.


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