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Bella & FriendsOriginally uploaded by BellaTheCat. In her natural habitat, the ferocious Bella goes virtually undetected by predators. Here we see her taking a nap in a suitcase, attempting to hitch a free ride to sunny California. She doesn’t much like airline food, but she’s content to chew on socks for the duration of the […]

Hanging Around


Hanging Around Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. On the second floor, we have a human-proof railing that you can see through but not walk through. Unfortunately for small furry creatures, they can stick their head and bodies through and drop down the stairs. So being krafty students that we are, we boarded up the bottom with […]

Looking innocent Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. When I go down to the kitchen and wander around the stove for awhile, Bella comes by to keep me company. She walks around the kitchen, particularly the stove area, sniffing the ground for what I suspect is food scraps. Aside from the occasional drops of hot oil that […]

Looking innocent Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. Bella, on her first night in our apartment. She’s soo much cuter in that picture than she is in real life. Wait until she starts clawing her way up your leg, or biting your nose as you sleep….

Lemme out! I’ll be good, I promise! Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. This is Bella, during one of her timeouts. She gets placed inside the timeout cage whenever she starts biting us!



All tied up Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat. Jeb & I have the fun task of kittysitting Bella this weekend while Dave is out of town. With her owner gone, she doesn’t have a warm body to sleep with anymore so it has become a game of trapping Bella out of our rooms at night. I […]

I’m sleepy!


I’m sleepy! Originally uploaded by BellaTheCat.